Browser extension of the Blocknative Ethereum Gas Estimator now available

Blocknative, a blockchain infrastructure platform to work with mempool data, announced the immediate availability of the Blocknative Ethereum Gas Estimator as a browser extension tool on Chrome and Brave. Now any ecosystem participant can access Blocknaive’s Gas Estimator right from their browser.

How Gas Platform Works

The Gas Estimator is powered by Blocknative’s Gas Platform API. Leveraging real-time global mempool data, the Gas Platform inspects all public pending Ethereum transactions and predicts the minimum gas price required for next-block confirmation.

“With full support for legacy and EIP-1559 transactions, our new browser extension makes it easy for you to access the most accurate and actionable gas estimations. Go hands-on with our Gas Estimator extension today and receive free updates once every 5 seconds. Commercial Blocknative customers will receive updates once every second. “
– The Blocknative Team

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