Andre Cronje Announces Keep3r Expansion With Eden Network

Renowned developer Andre Cronje has revealed a new partnership with Eden Network that will benefit Keep3r users. As part of the strategic partnership, according to a post written by Cronje, Keep3r Network has acquired 602,409 EDEN tokens.

Eden Network, previously ArcherDAO, is a transaction ordering protocol that protects its users from “arbitrary reordering” while making transactions on Ethereum. In other words, users are protected from transaction frontrunning by sending transactions via the Eden Network.

The protocol is optional and non-consensus breaking, their official website claims, and offers a “fair set of rules to order transactions within each block”. In addition, it has a reward system to realized Miner Extractable Value (MEV) profits.

The acquisition of the EDEN tokens guarantees that Keep3r Network has “probabilistic certainty” to become a Slot Tenant on Eden Network.

This will grant premium blockspace to Keep3r effectively allowing to “own a slice of every block” and have priority to insert transactions, benefit from private transactions, users will receive better prices to transact on Ethereum, and thus Keep3r will increase its adoption levels.

To access these benefits, a person needs to leverage the kp3r proxy, the post clarified. Andre Cronje said the following on Keep3r Network’s new collaboration:

This is valuable for Keep3r as we can protect keepers & jobs from frontrunning while having priority access to block space. Over half of Ethereum hashpower is on the Eden Network.

Eden Network EDEN Ethereum Andre Cronje

Eden Network EDEN Ethereum Andre Cronje

Source: Eden Network Explorer

Eden Network Contributes To Solve Ethereum’s High Fees Problem?

As NewsBTC has reported on several occasions, high transactions fees have become a major issue for the Ethereum ecosystem.

Thus, solutions emerged from many sectors, such as the series of tools developed by Flashbots, Eden Network and its user focus MEV approach, L2 scaling solutions like Optimist Rollout, and others.

Ethereum is the epicenter of some of the hottest trends in the crypto industry, from DeFi to Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and on-chain gaming. To trade or interact with a smart contract, a transaction must be triggered.

Cronje, known as the developer behind Yearn Finance, and for his motto “I test in prod”, seems to acknowledge the importance of integrating Keep3r with solutions that mitigate the high fee issue.

The main objective is to protect users, but also to encourage them to use Ethereum and prevented them from migrating to alternatives.

In the past weeks, Ethereum competitors and their ecosystem have been thriving on the back of the high costs to operate on its network. Recently, Solana and Cardano reached new highs with massive rallies that have gone, at some point, against the general trend in the market.

In the short term, Eden could gain more relevance as other projects will prioritize the preservation of their user base amidst the current congestion of the Ethereum network. The team behind Eden Network told NewsBTC the following on their collaboration:

This partnership demonstrates the value that blue chip DeFi projects are finding in Eden Network’s priority protocol. In the near term, we plan to continue to expand access and awareness of Eden Network to traders, who currently are being quietly exploited by malicious MEV bots on the order of several millions of dollars per week. Taking advantage of Eden Network is low-hanging fruit that offers a lot of advantages.

At the time of writing, ETH trades at $3,225 with sideways movement coming out of the weekend.

Eden Network Keep3r Network

Eden Network Keep3r Network

ETH moving sideways in the daily chart. Source: ETHUSD Tradingview

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